Math Rescue Kit

Powerful ways to think about math and techniques to bust past the barriers that are stopping you from passing college level mathematics

If all of the common helps and pieces of advice are just not cutting it, try the divergent tips and strategies you'll find inside of the Be sure to visit our Book Sections page to see samples of the content of this powerful book!

Math Rescue Kit

Same as above, but in Kindle format.

Download instantly and dig in.

Secret Strategy

Over the course of the years I've worked as a math instructor and tutor, I noticed a need that students have. They often do not know what is normal about learning math and therefore, are constantly beating themselves up about how they aren’t able to pass a course and move on. They do not have the right measuring stick! Therefore, they believe they do not measure up and quit too soon.


Is it possible that the root of your struggles with learning math is that you didn't get started off on the right foot? Maybe no one let you in on the ways in which learning math is different from learning other disciplines and that you never knew what was normal.

This little Kindle book (42 pages) pulls back the curtain and shows you what is normal about learning math so you can accurately gauge your progress and ultimately master learning math.

35 Items for Your Get Home Bag

Recent catastrophic events like 9/11 and Katrina, along with dire predictions of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and terroristic attacks suggest we should take personal responsibility to be as prepared as possible to face a threat to our well being or that of our family. I can't imagine a more stressful or threatening possibility than to have a major disaster strike and find yourself at work, miles from your home and family.

A Get Home Bag (GHB) is a specially prepared bag that contains items you might need to hoof it home to be with your family. This book guides you through the process of selecting items for your GHB that will improve your chance of getting home safely. In addition, each item description includes tongue-in-cheek comments of how to defeat the Zombies that stand in your way. Yeah, they're out there!






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