Yep . . . this is me now. A few miles and quite a few wonderful learning opportunities under my belt. (see list at the bottom of some of the things I've done).


I've been happily married to one wife for over 44 years with two children and 10 grandchildren. Both of our children are in Christian ministry and all of our grandchildren are above average ala Lake Wobegon.

I've been very involved in technical writing for over 20 years and am now able to turn my attention to fiction writing. I taught myself speed reading at the age of 14 and have been a voracious reader ever since. When younger, I often read a book a day, beginning with the classics and the writers of the Golden Age of Science Fiction.

I'm completely incapable of identifying my favorite author since there are so many with the list growing almost daily.

My greatest joy would be for people to read my stories and escape some of the pressures of this life, laugh a little, and find hope to continue on and love those around them.

I've worked at or done the following over the course of my life:

  • operated table saw at a wooden box company
  • worked at a grain processing factory
  • taught high school math and Physics
  • started a tropical fish store
  • sold furniture
  • sold vacuum cleaners (for two hours)
  • Statistician for large urban county – in charge of mass reappraisal
  • Cost estimator for high end home builder
  • training to be a missionary in Germany
  • founder and pastor of church and Christian school
  • started a laser cartridge refilling business
  • was a licensed private detective
  • Coordinated math tutorial support at a college
  • Education professor at a University
  • University Department Chair
  • Historical researcher
  • Author and Publisher
  • Along the way, I earned four advanced degrees to include a Ph.D.

But now, in the exceedingly happy years of retirement, much of my attention has turned to issues of the abundant life in retirement. The current TOPIC OF THE SEASON is a good example of an issue that should be of vital interest to anyone who wishes to live a long and qualitative superior life. I hope you explore the books and resources and come to your own conclusions about the best way to maximize your potential and continue enjoying blue skies, grandchildren, and the wonders of planet earth.

DISCLOSURE: If you buy any product through the links on my first page, I receive a very small commission from the suppliers. 

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